I found season’s Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) displayed at Wagashi shop at Imakumano shopping street and bought in spite of four is too many .

These are Sakura-mochi (Cherry blossom colored sticky rice with sweet beans wrapped in a cherry leaf) , Kusa-mochi (Mugwort flavored sticky rice with sweet beans. Soy-bean flour on top) , Uguisu-mochi (Japanese Nightingale colored sticky rice with sweet beans. Soy-bean flour on top)  , and Hanami-dango (Three colors sticky rice dumpling in bamboo skewers. Often eaten at cherry blossom viewing party) .   Regular members of Japanese sweets in spring season.

I thought “I might have Green tea as well” so I choose Green tea bowl with spring plants design.

Spring has come !

We will wait for you with the wide variety of each season’s Green tea bowls from gift to daily use purpose at our showroom “Waku-waku”  Sennyu-ji, Higashiyama, Kyoto.  Please visit us and find your favorite one.

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