Pottery experience

Raku Firing Course

After you glaze a pottery with a brush to biscuit ware like a small plate or a tea cup, our experienced artisan will set it on a kiln to fire at the low temperature (850 degrees).
It is an exciting moment that your pottery comes out from the kiln just in front of you!
It takes approx.30-60 minutes and costs from 3,000 yen.
You can take your pottery home on the same day.
Raku Firing Course only.


Painting Course

Let’s paint on a small plate, a Japanese tea cup etc. You can draw whatever you like. For firing, please leave it to our expertise. 3 weeks later, we will send your pottery to your home.
It takes approx. 40 minutes and costs from 1,200 yen. (1,200 yen for a small plate, 1,200 yen for a Japanese tea cup, 1,500 yen for a mug or a green tea bowl.) *All prices are excluding tax. **Charge extra Shipping fee.

Hand Building Project Course

Let’s form clay into coils and build up until you reach the design you like. You can create Mug , Rice bowl, plate etc. Enjoy clay’s freedom and flexibility to create any shape you desire. You can choose color among five colors.
For finishing and firing, please leave it to our expertise. Approx. one month later, you will receive your pottery at home.
It takes approx. 30-60 minutes and costs from 3000 yen (excluding tax). plus courier cost.



Wheel Throwing Course

Let’s try Wheel Throwing Course to create your own pottery.
Don’t worry if you try it for the first time. If you make mistakes,you can re-start over and over again. Our experienced artisan will support you.
You can choose a color out of five.
For finishing and firing, please leave it to our professionals. 3 weeks later,we will send your pottery to your home.
It takes approx.60 minutes and costs 5,000 yen.(a bowl,a flower vase or 2pcs of small ones) For quick course, it takes 20 minutes and costs 2,000 yen (1 pc of small pottery)
*Charge extra shipping fee.

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If you want to create your own special work, please let us know by e-mail or call.

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