Hand Building Project Course

For example,Trial lesson fee depends on the weight of clay: Up to 500g costs 3,000yen (a Japanese tea cup)/ Up tp 1kg costs 5,000yen(2 Japanese tea cups or a rice bowl or a coffee cup). *All prices are excluding tax.


The trial lesson begins after putting on a rental apron. At first, an artisan shows you an example.

female ceramist

Coil pot methods has been used for thousand of years. It’s very popular even today and often used by professional potters and artists.


She is so cool! She is young, but looks like a reliable artisan.

explanation of process

1. Take a small piece of clay and put it on the center of the turn table.

female ceramist

Spread clay to the size of the object you intend to create.


I’ll make a mug.


Mine is a rice bowl.


2. Make coils by hand or extruder. Then pile a coil up on the base.

female ceramist

Whatever you make, cup, bowl, plate etc… please add up the coils and make cylindrical shape until you reach the height of the object you want. You can widen the edge or adjust the shape for the last step. Also keep in your mind that you should make the coil thicker than you image. This is because the pottery can be failed, if the coils are thin. Now, let’s move on making.


It feels like an elongated cigar.


It’s soothing to touch clay ~.

female ceramist

When you lay the first coil, please Smudge coil into the joints between the base and the first coil with your fingers. It’s kind a tip to avoid cracking.


I see. Doing gently is important.


3. Forming the walls.


Now I realized that the cup is taller than I thought….


Well,I’m satisfied with this.


4. Complete.


Finished !


5. Choose the favorite color. Please leave your pottery to our artisan. They’ll glaze pottery and set it in a kiln.

female ceramist

You can choose a color out of five.


6. Three weeks later, your pottery will be delivered to your home. *Charge extra Shipping fee.

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