From end March to mid April, you can see a wide range of cherry trees from early blooming to late blooming in Kyoto.

Famous for early blooming are  Shidare-zakura (weeping cherry trees) at former Konoe estate in Kyoto Imperial Palace or Shidare zakura at Daigoji temple and etc.   Emperor and Empress enjoyed viewing cherry blossom this Thursday (March 28) at Imperial Palace.  For late blooming, Omuro-zakura at Ninna-ji temple or Saio zakura at Kamigamo shrine are popular.

Other popular spot are Maruyama park, Kodaiji temple, Philosophers pass, Bishamon-do, Tenryu-ji temple, etc.

Indeed, too many places to decide where to go. My favorite is a view of cherry trees planted along Kamo river . Because you can see mountains and bridges overthere together with those cherry blossoms.  There is a pavement along the river bank so you can enjoy walking, or riding a bike  under cherry trees.

We will wait for you with a variety of earthen ware with sakura designs as blow at our showroom “Waku-waku” Sennyu-ji, Higashiyama, Kyoto. (from left, incense burner &  small bowl,  small plate,  small bowl & Japanese tea cup)


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