In Kyoto, number of tourists has been decreased due to Corona virus so the city is quiet. We are supposed to stay home but I went to Jonangu-shrine.  The shrine is famous for its garden with seasonal flowers such as plums and camellias which are in bloom now.  But my main purpose was Tsubaki mochi sold there. (Tsubaki=Camellia, and Mochi=rice cake sweets ) Looks very pretty, right ?

Ingredients are sweet red beans inside and Domyo-ji ko (Glutinous Rice Flour) outside. Tsubaki-mochi is said to be one of the oldest Japnese sweets.   In “Tale of Genji” (stories about lifestyles of  court nobles in Heian period) court nobles enjoyed Tusbaki-mochi after Kemari game(=kind of  football) .It seems Camellia has been loved by Japanese people for a long time.

Here is a collection of Camellia design table wares made by Shunzan-gama (Sennyu-ji, Higashiyama- Kyoto). Our artisans draw those flowers by hand one by one.

Once corona virus were settled, please come to visit our studio for pottery experience. You can enjoy studio tour as well as unique pottery experience !

pottery experience.

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