Its a little bit early but seven autumnal flowers designed small dish with rid.

The flowers comes from two of Yamanoue Okura’s poems in Manyo-shu.  “There are seven wild flowers seen in Autum” and  ” They are Hagi (Bushclover), Obana (Japanese pampas grass), Kuzu (vine), Nadeshiko(A pink), Ominaeshi (Patrinia scabiosaefolia), Fuji bakama(Thoroughwort) and Kikyoh(a bellflower)”

1300 years later, in Shunzan-gama (Sennyu-ji, Higashiyama, Kyoto) we paint the said seven autumnal flowers one by one on wide variety of Kyo-yaki table-wares such as demitasse cup, small dish, green tea bowl etc.

Please visit our show room to see these table-wares.

Cheer up Nadeshiko Japan !!



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