Autumn foliage season has come.  The photo shows maple leaves at Tofukuji-temple as of yesterday.  Not yet changed its color to fully red, but we can see nice gradation of green-yellow-red.   
Shunzan-gama and our show-room “Kyo-no Yakimono Wakuwaku” (Higashiyama, Kyoto) is located in the middle of walking course between Tofukuji-temple (Zen temple) and Sennyu-ji temple (famous for its Imperial family’s mosoleum) and Imakumano Kannon-ji (one of 33 west japan Kannon pilglimage route) . If you want to avoid crowds, why don’t you visit the area ?   You could feel as if you were in the forests at Kumano in the mid century.  

Shunji Mori (the 3rd generation of Shunzan-gama) has been selected in the 2022 Contemporary Master Craftsman awards given by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.   “Thanks a lot for your kind support always” !
2022 現代の名工 産経新聞


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