Rainy season has come.  Although its terribly humid and hot, you can still enjoy Kyoto.

If it is rain,  why don’t you try pottery experience at Shunzan-gama (Kyoto, Higashiyama, Sennyu-ji) ? 

Also our recommendations are : Big sized parfeit,  at “Baiko-do”  Cafe. You can find various parfeit, such as chocolate parfait, sweet beans parfait, Green tea jelly parfeit etc.  It takes 10 minutes walk from Shunzan^gama.

If you like garden, we recommend “Chishaku-in Temple” further 5 minutes walk from the above cafe.    In paid area, you can look at Japanese garden from veranda of large room.  Even unpaid area, you can see Bellflower and Hydrangea blooming in this season.  Especially after rain, flowers are  really beautiful!  The temple has a  restaurant “Saryo kikyo”  where you can find Japanese meals and sweets , including shojin-ryori (Vegetarian meals)   at reasonable price.

Please visit “Kyo-no yakimono Wakuwaku” if you look for Kyo-yaki/Kiyomizuyaki  potteries.  




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